At Clear Water Clarification technologies Inc., we provide advanced clarification technology.

CWC C50 Clarifier

The Clear Water Clarification Technology is a completely enclosed system that cleans contaminated water and eliminates sewage odors. By using submersible pumps and grinders, the C50 Clarifier also eliminates most operation noise. Elimination of odor and reduction of noise allows the Clear Water Clarification Technology to be located anywhere including urban, populated areas.

  • 50,000 gallons + per day throughput
  • Extremely Mobile
  • Economical, Flexible, Convenient
  • US and Canadian patent granted
  • The National Research Council of Canada third party verification of performance
  • NRC Report available
  • For permanent installation OR temporary on-site treatment for immediate deployment

With simple flocculation and disinfection, our technology can greatly reduce the following to safe levels before returning the cleaned water into a discharge facility or for reuse;

  • Phosphorus
  • Total Suspended Solids
  • Microplastics
  • BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)
  • COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
  • Various Heavy Metals & MORE
Clear Water Clarification Technologies Inc - CWC C50

C50 - 50,000 gal/day Unit

Additional disinfection units that can be added may include, but are not limited to; ultraviolet light, ozone and contact chlorination. This depends on client requirements as well as the nature of the waste water being treated.


Physical Properties


4.9 m L x 2.6 m W x 3.0 m H

Note: Additional tolerances will be required on site for installation of connecting pipework and access.


Dry: 5000kg

Operational: 15000 kg


All structural steel and vessels constructed from A36 steel.

Exterior painted with Epoxy primer and Endura Plastic Paint top coat. Interior of steel vessels and pipes coated with Devoe Devchem® 253 Epoxy. Optional: 316 SS construction.



Single PH

PH 110/208-240/347

Three Phase


HZ: 50/60

Max AMP: 30

* Electrical Voltage can be engineered for local specifications.


Grinder Pump and Chemical Feed Pump.



PH Meter c/w Probe, Flow Rate Meter c/w Probe, Turbidity Meter c/w Probe.

Optical Eye on influent. Optical Eye on effluent. Optional: TDS Meter c/w Probe. Oil Sensor.

Typical Capacities

Flow Rates*:

50 – 150 liters per minute.

* Flow rate will depend on properties of liquid being treated and available chemicals.


55 - 83 kPa with pressure relief valves to ensure pressure does not exceed 103 kPa.


Triradial VT. SCADA software. Internet connection required for remote control of unit.

Canadian Standards Association

CSA Standards approval granted in 2012